about the ninety

Over the first 90 days of 2018, we are going to walk through the life of Jesus from the time he started his ministry through Easter. Along the way, we are going to give you an opportunity to engage with the content in a unique way. 

Each week, in addition to the message, you will have a chance to dive in a little deeper and at your pace. Twice a week, we will send you a text or email, your preference, that contains 90 seconds of audio that will give you something to think about and perhaps challenge you and perhaps change you. That’s it... 90 seconds, twice a week over the next 90 days. We think a lot can happen in 90. To jump in, simply opt in here.

Now for many of you, you will want more. Good news. We are also going to be providing some longer form content that you will also be able to access right here on 90.today. 

I hope you will choose to jump in on the ninety. Give it a try. A lot can happen in 90.