Ep. 21 // Miracles (Day 72 of 90)

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Here’s a question. When do you most often hear the word “miracle” these days?

Often, it is spoken as a reference to the “miracle of childbirth” or to a grim medical diagnosis that turns positive. One of the most unique applications seems to be on Saturdays in the fall when, inevitably, a college football team pulls a victory out of nowhere in the last seconds. It’s hard to necessarily credit those blocked field goals, last-ditch touchdown passes, or lateral-filled runbacks to the divine, but they sure feel like it some days.

It IS called a “Hail Mary” for a reason, right?

In the Gospels, we see how Jesus’ miracles became magnets for questions and debate among the religious leaders that were against him. More and more, they cornered him to inquire about the “authority” under which he did these miracles.

Still, Jesus continued to dole out the miracles . . . turning water into wine, healing a man born blind, and even bringing the dead back to life. Jesus performed miracles for a few reasons.

First, miracles authenticated that Jesus WAS God and could access the same power that created the world and formed humankind. Secondly, healing miracles demonstrated Jesus’ great love for people. In short, miracles were God’s powerful love letter to the lost, forgotten, and downtrodden.

Jesus also leveraged miracles to show the world (including those debate-frenzied religious types) his priorities for how WE were to approach the world—love others. Make others’ lives better. Care for the needy.

The way we love and care for one another might not be through a miraculous touch like Jesus had, but more through a word of encouragement, a delivered meal during a tough week, or a bit of wisdom shared over a cup of coffee. In their own way, those can be miraculous moments too!

How can you create a miracle moment this week for someone near you?    

If you have a few more minutes (and need a little college football fix), click the button that says “NINETY EXTRA” to check out a few “miracle” finishes.


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