Ep. 12 // Royally Accepted (Day 39 of 90)


In a little over three months, the world will once again experience the extravaganza known as a royal wedding. On May 19, England’s Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle in the chapel at Windsor Castle. Count on it to be stunningly beautiful and full of all the pomp and pageantry we’ve come to expect from a royal wedding.

But, realize it or not, this royal wedding is a bit more unique, partly because Meghan Markle is not your average princess-to-be. Of course, she’s smart, stunningly beautiful, and elegant, but, on paper, she is a nontraditional choice for an English prince. It’s part of the reason people love her so.

First of all, she’s American—born and raised in California—which makes her a commoner. Also, she was raised Catholic, she’s divorced, and her parents are biracial . . . all “firsts” for a British princess. In short, she does not fit the typical “profile.    

As we learned last Sunday, Jesus was not a big fan of “profiles.” He was constantly seeking and building friendships with those that didn’t fit the common mold of a religious leader’s comrade. Instead of spending all his time in the temple rubbing elbows with the spiritual elite, Jesus loved to walk among the commoners . . . especially those society stepped around or over.    

Let’s be clear. The company Jesus kept was no concession for him. This was his mission . . . to extend the invitation to become part of his family to ALL people . . . even those who didn’t seem to fit traditional criteria. Jesus came to show us we are ALL so much more.

Like the song “We Are Royals” says, in God’s view, “We are daughters. We are sons. More than mortals. We are royals.”

If you’ve got an extra four minutes, click the button that says “NINETY EXTRA” for a great performance of “We Are Royals” from the North Point InsideOut Band . . . and really listen to the words!


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