Ep. 11 // Rules (Day 37 of 90)


Let’s pretend I’m interested in getting to a vacation home I rented at the beach. I pack up the car, pull out of the driveway, and set the address in my GPS app. Pretty soon, the app starts barking orders at me: “Turn left ahead,” “Take I-85 South,” and “Recalculating.”

What I do with those directions is of paramount importance. It would be easy for me to see the app as bossy or its directions as restrictive of my journey. On top of that, I could accuse the app of being close-minded to the multitude of other routes I could take.

In a huff, I might be tempted to shut it off and just drive with no regard to any directions. What wonderful freedom that would be! But this carefree road trip would certainly not lead me anywhere near my desired beach vacation destination.

In our 90-day journey, we’ve seen a great example of the challenge God’s people had with the Law and the religious construct of the temple. Early on, God gave the Law to establish a standard of holy living for his people. It revealed that we could never meet its standard on our own. In short, the Law was there to do a job, just like the navigation app on my phone.

Like I was tempted to ignore my GPS in the road trip analogy, the Jews tended to shut off God’s instructions and go their own way. This is why Jesus came—to fulfill the requirements of the Law for his people and to be the final sacrifice as payment for their violations.

Still, as much as the people struggled to keep God’s Law, many struggled even more to move away from it when Jesus came to introduce something greater—a greater faith, a greater understanding of who he was, a greater way of life.

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