Ep. 19 // Serving Others (Day 65 of 90)

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There is a huge difference between describing a place to someone (say, the Rocky Mountains) and putting them on a plane and going there. Sure, you could try to describe it: “The Rocky’s are like big hills . . . um . . . there are trees and rocks . . . and snow on top.” Meh. If you’ve been to the Rockies, you know how short-shrifted mere words can be.

As we learned Sunday, followers of Jesus were called to (and shown how to) serve others over being served. Time and time again, Jesus described to his followers what it was like to love someone else through serving them. Even greater than that, though, Jesus demonstrated this desire by SHOWING people what it was like to serve others. He healed the broken. He washed his disciples’ feet. He gave up his life so we could have our lives. Words are powerful, but actions are life changing.

This week, we want to collectively put this principle to the test . . . to do something to serve someone and discover the power that comes through that. It doesn’t have to be major. Just pick a way to show someone they are appreciated or loved.

It might be a random thank-you gift for your kid’s teacher, a special donut run for the security guard at work, a home-baked treat for a neighbor, or an act of service for someone in need. Many of you could likely find someone in your own home to serve in a way that would make them smile.

We’d love to hear some of the ways you chose to serve someone else this week. Be sure to swing through your church’s social media page to tell us all about it.

If you have a few more minutes, click the button that says “NINETY EXTRA” to hear how Tom’s life changed when he followed Jesus’ lead to start giving of himself to serve others.

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