Ep. 3 // Waiting (Day 9 of 90)


Welcome to Episode 3 of our 90-day journey to Easter.

I’m Evan, one of your hosts for this experience. Every New Year, I remember the year 2000. Do you remember Y2K? That year, all sorts of havoc was supposed to happen when the calendar changed to the new millennium because of a computer glitch.

For years, the IT world had been predicting chaos. On that New Year’s Eve, I was an IT consultant and huddled around a conference table with my team waiting. In fact, the entire world waited, completely terrified that technology would implode the planet on New Year’s Day. As it turns out, nothing really happened.
Waiting to see if predictions come true is difficult. God’s people had been waiting thousands of years for a predicted “Savior” or fixer for the problem of humanity’s separation from God.
Only God could bridge the gap and he vowed to send a Savior at some later time. But how much later?
In Andy’s message this past Sunday, we learned that Jesus was the solution . . . the promised Savior. He broke the silence and stepped on the scene. The waiting was over, but few people knew it or even believed it.

But Jesus—God in a body—began an earthly ministry that would change everything for everyone.
If you’ve got a few more minutes, click the button that says “NINETY EXTRA” to check out a great video summarizing the first two chapters of the New Testament book of Luke and the beginning of the life of Jesus!

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